About First Class Web Digital Marketing

First Class Web does digital and internet marketing for business – we are based around the Phoenix and East Valley area (located in Mesa near Tempe). We focus on treating every client as a “first class citizen” – we want every client to feel as though their voice is heard, they are in on the decision making process, and that they are part of the team representing their business online. We strive to provide top-notch service at fair prices, explain the rationale for decisions we make, and get your feedback every step of the way.

Results-Driven Marketing

Have you ever felt left in the dark by a marketing company? As part of our services, we provide tracking and reporting that analyzes the results of our marketing initiatives. If there’s something we feel could be improved, we’ll tell you!

A hand examining a graph of marketing progress.

Our Clients - Who We Work With

We started our business for a reason – because we wanted to work with clients and businesses who believe in their mission as much as we do. Our clients are typically:

  • Small businesses with an important purpose at the core – we love non-profit, we love service, and we love recovery.
  • In need of one or more of the services we provide – we typically are providing a mix of services for clients based on their needs, each with their own strategy and execution.
  • Desiring to be involved in the process and willing alter their marketing mix over time as we see results from various initiatives.

First Class Web has worked with a number of industries and businesses in Arizona and across the country:

  • Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs
  • Non-Profits and Foundations
  • Resilience and Diversion Programs
  • Brick and Mortar Retail Stores
  • E-Commerce Businesses
  • Local businesses such as electricians, physical therapists, roofing companies, and salons.


We offer custom service plans based on the following services. Contact us or call us at (480) 318-6551 to schedule an introductory meeting / call.

Web Design for Business and Non-Profit

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Search Engine Optimization Services

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Social Media Management for Business

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Email Marketing and List Building / Management

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Video Production for Social Media or Web Use

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