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What's the importance of SEO?

Your website is one of your greatest marketing assets – more important than any billboard, news spot, or brochure. It’s an area of your business where you have complete control, and can present your business’ ideas, personality, and value propositions.

But what value does it provide if nobody finds it? Furthermore, how do you make sure the RIGHT people find it?

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the quantity and quality of the traffic to your site by strategically targeting specific search terms on your existing site or creating content that targets those terms. The trouble with getting found online is that every website serves two masters:
  1. Search engines must be able to read your content well enough to rank it appropriately
  2. Potential customers who visit your local business website must find it informative and easy to use.

Many times, local businesses have created a website that is very useful to customers, but is very difficult for the search engines to determine where your site should rank. Conversely, a website can be created for search engines to read, but be of very little use to an end user. Both extremes present problems for a business.

Get Your Business or Organization Found Online!

SEO Audits – If you’ve already got a site, we’ll start with a thorough audit of your site’s strengths and areas of opportunity. We’ll share the results with you and make recommendations from there.

Effective Keyword Research and Planning – We’ll work with you on the front end to understand your niche and the services you want to rank for – then we’ll go to work on learning what your customers are searching for!

Technical SEO and Structure Fixes – A website is not searchable if search engines can’t figure out it’s structure! We’ll implement any technical fixes that need tweaking.

On-Page SEO – Remember the keywords mentioned above? We’ll optimize all of your pages for the keywords you want to rank under!

Content Creation – We’ll continually work to add content to your site that will expand your reach and build domain authority.

Continual Monitoring, Tweaking, and Reporting – Expect monthly reports featuring key metrics and recommendations for improvements.

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