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Why choose First Class Web for your next website build?

A website is so much more than the design – clean, functional, and professional websites – that is what the end users (your customers) want!

A proper website build contains a logical and easy to follow URL structure, an intuitive menu structure, and simple calls to action that inspire engagement and conversion from customers. One of our primary goals at First Class Web is to build easy to use and functional websites – we want it to be obvious to users what you do and how to contact you.

We follow best practices

Three click rule – Whenever possible, users should be able to find the information they are seeking within three clicks. Studies have shown that the more users click through your site’s pages, the less they buy! We build your structure with this guideline in mind.

Positive User Experience (UX) – Users don’t want to guess where to find things on your website – they want the things they’re searching for to be easy to find and easy to use.

Clear Calls to Action – Once users decide that they need your services, it should be easy to get in touch with you! We will design your pages and layouts with clear calls to action so your potential customers and clients can easily reach out to you.

Website speed – Research has been shown that over 50% of users will leave a site if it doesn’t load within three seconds. NOT GOOD! We follow best practices that allow your website to load quickly so you don’t lose potential customers needlessly.

Long Term Goal Tracking and Tweaks – If you decide to utilize First Class Web long-term for SEO services – we continue to monitor your site for conversions, user behavior, and changes in the way users are interacting with your site, and make updates accordingly.

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