Social Media Video Production in Phoenix

• Communicate your brand’s core values
• Immortalize your message through seminars or informational videos
• Generate searchable content and increase visibility

What's the Big Deal with Video for Small Business?

Nothing beats video for communicating the human side of your business – a well put together and communicated video leads to higher information retention in consumers, is easy to share with friends, and inspires action.

The best thing about video it can be used over and over and it helps everything. Check out the following statistics and facts:

Video Improves Website Bounce Rates – Pages with video have 34% lower bounce rates, on average. A page’s “bounce rate” is the number of people who click / tap “back” after loading your page. It’s also one of the metrics Google uses to determine whether your site is relevant or not.

Video Improves Email Click Through Rates – Around 200-300% more people tend to click through an email if the email includes video.

Video Increases Social Media Engagement – Videos are easy to share and easy to consume, perfect for spreading the word and generating engagement with your organization.

It’s estimated that in 2021, 80% of the world’s internet traffic is video.

Get Your Message Out There Through Video!

Topic Research and Analysis – While you want to remain true to your business’ purpose and market, you also want to cover topics that people are searching for!

Keep Attention and Inspire Action – The first 10 seconds of a video makes or breaks your effectiveness. We’ll work with you to develop attention grabbing intros and clear calls to action.

Leverage Your Video Marketing Assets – Once the video projects are completed, they are yours! Include them in emails, on your website’s landing pages, post them on social media or YouTube, or create podcasts from them.

A man holding a phone featuring a YouTube video.

Let's get those cameras rolling!